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A Quick Glance At My Skills

Latest Project


SignFort.com is an Ecommerce Sign Store; platform Joomla 1.5, Virtumart 1.1. SignFort.com was plagued by blocked robots pages, mod_rewrite issues, code errors, hacking, and extremely slow webpage loading exceeding 30 seconds. Contracted in January of 2012 part-time, and finalizing the project this December, I've implemented an array of solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Combined CSS
  • Combined JS
  • Minified CSS
  • Minified JS
  • Minified HTML
  • CSS Sprites
  • Dynamic CSS URIs
  • Gzip Compression
  • Tableless Designs
  • CDN for CSS & JS
  • CDN for Images
  • Browser Caching
  • Dynamic Thumbnails
  • Slush Optimized
  • Images CSS3 Text
  • .htacess 301s
  • .htacess SEF URLs
  • RSS Product Feeds
  • SQL Injection Fixes
  • Canonical Tags
  • Structured Data
  • Dynamic Metadata
  • User Wishlist System
  • Attribute Filter

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Although pushing for a CMS upgrade enabling an array of other capabilities which included Bootstrap, a script for responsive template design, budget constraints did not allot for such. A new procut category menu system I developed is implemented, but will not launch for another month, absent category text data required for the system.

Solid Experience

Developer Experience

  • PHP, HTML, CSS Developer Since 2003
  • Developer/Management Contributions to Over 100 Sites
  • Extensive CMS Knowledge: WP,  Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop
  • Responsive Designs: Zoom 250%+ or Moblie Load Site (if Droid, > 2.3)
  • E-commerce Expert: Structred Data, Feeds, Payment Gateways, +
  • Open Source Contributor: Stack Overflow, J!, WP, Magento, VM, +

Experince Highlights

Virtuemart Hero

Virtuemart Forum Hero & Global Moderator since 2007

As a contributing member of several Open Source Communities, the Virtuemart E-commernce Forum accentuates my coding, communication, and leadership skills; screen-name Forrest.

Business Experince

Serial entrepreneur; founded 5 businesses, folded 1, sold 4. Most recent:
  • SCS LLC, Real Estate, Co-founder, BK 2008
  • theWebDNA, Web Design, Founder, Sold 2009
  • Growth Engine Inc, SEO, Co-founder, Sold 2012
Forrest Chamberlain

Let's Talk Business

I excel in, and will entertain with the right company, a variety of web development positions:

  • Web Project Management
  • New Web Development
  • Specific PHP Coding Projects
  • Site Tuning, Load Optimization
  • CMS Builds and Updates
  • Template Redesigns
  • Web Maintenace and Updates
  • On Page SEO & SEF URLs
Travel Area

Can you afford me? It's an inevitable question, and I desire not to waste your or my time. I'm interested in part-time or full-time postions, either working remotely, or at your office in San Luis Obispo county, although I would most prefer a long-term project/position, allotting my full dedication & focus. I am open to negotiations regarding compensation; here are my general expectations:

Best suiting my personality, I prefer full-time/long-term focused projects
Part-time, employee salaried 55K /year (average 20 hrs/week)
Full-time, employee salaried 95K /year (average 40 hrs/week)
Contracted, self-emplyeed in intervals of 6 months, 1 year, or project based
Will consider other partial payment forms; ie shares, Bitcoin, accesss. Already insured.

Reach Out to Me

Let's at least have a conversation. It's worth your time, and mine, to find the right fit. Visit my Contact page and give a shout.